We offer fencing programs for recreational to competitive fencers as well as fencing camps for the beginner and advanced student.  Our programs are specially designed by world-class coaches. Students are challenged mentally and physically, honing agility, quickness, and subtlety of movement. Our students learn to:

  • Think strategically and solve problems quickly
  • Evaluate the cause and effect of their actions
  • Overcome attitudes and fears
  • Win and lose graciously

Fencing was one of the first sports to be recognized in modern Olympics. Fencing has been described as “chess with muscles,” suggesting that complicated strategy lies behind the thrusts and parries that punctuate a duel. Fencers of today employ a combination of archaic and modern customs; combatants still salute before a match and wear the traditional white uniforms and masks, but scoring is now determined by electronic padding worn by the combatants that registers when a hit takes place with flashing, color-coded lights.

Chris Slaughter,  Head Coach/Director of Fencer Development

Chris Slaughter was trained by the internationally renowned Vladimir Nazlymov, 10-time World Champion and 6-time Olympic medalist, twice named the world’s best sabre fencer by the (F.I.E.) International Fencing Federation, and current fencing head coach of Ohio State University. Chris was selected for the US Junior and Senior national team to compete in World Cups and trained with the Russian and German national teams to prepare for the Olympic Games. Chris fenced with many of the world’s top fencers during the rebirth of the American fencing era. He has trained with US national champions Peter Westbrook, Mika’il Sankofa, Terrence Lasker, Akhnaten Spencer-El, and Keeth Smart. In addition, he was an important training partner to Stanislav Pozdniakov while he prepared in the US with coach Nazlymov prior to the 1996 Olympics.

Chris started coaching in 2007 and has developed a variety of highly effective training techniques and strategies designed to develop the ultimate fencing athlete. He has taught at all competitive levels in St. Louis and Kansas City.



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